Monday, March 19, 2012

Salt - To Use Or Not To Use... That Is The Question!

Articles on the use of salt in FW aquariums & Osmoregulation:

(This is snipped with a couple of new links from my Disease - Illness posts) (GoldLenny) - Salt or NO Salt (GoldLenny) (Hailey) (GoldLenny) (GoldLenny) - The Great Salt Myth (GoldLenny) - To Salt or NOT to Salt (GoldLenny) - Salt in Freshwater (GoldLenny) - Saltwater Salinity & Specific Gravity (GoldLenny) - (Goldfish & Aquarium Board) forum thread on Calcium and the Osmoregulatory System. (GoldLenny) - LONG forum thread on Salt, Chloride and other minerals/chemicals related to Salt & Osmoregulation. (GoldLenny)
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