Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Even MORE kudos for Mongabay.com!!!

Based on a recent post where I realized that a Mongabay.com fish profile had a typo or error on one of the profile, I took a few minutes to send them an email.

Much to my surprise, I heard back from them within the hour. Here is their reply, followed by my email to them. I am always impressed when a HUGE website replies to an email... much less replies so quickly. I'm not sure if this is the actual owner replying or one of his employees but according to the website, the owner of Mongabay.com is Rhett Butler and this email was "signed" by him.

I have to say, they just earned even more respect in my book!

Here is the actual email reply -------------------

Thank you Lenny.

I made the correction. Let me know if you ever find any errors or would like to contribute other information to the site.

Best regards,


On 2/20/07, (GoldLenny) wrote:

Mongabay (via email available on their "Contact Us" page)

Re: Profile on Red Bellied Pacu

I am an advanced member and daily contributor to various fish keeping forums. I am always telling people to go to http://fish.mongabay.com/ to do their research on their fish or give them the actual fish profile or other information.

While "researching" the subject matter, I believe the referenced Mongabay profile needs to be updated since the Mongabay profile shows this fish only growing to 18" whereas it actually grows to 36" and some say up to 48" (See References below).

I don't like to see errors or typos on Mongabay as I preach to everyone how good your site is.





Lenny V___________

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