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TOP TEN LIST - Fishless Cycling

So... I started this "article" way back in 2005 in another forum but I decided to move it here to my blog. I hope you enjoy it!

After I recently posted about the NUMBER ONE reason to "Fishless Cycle", was to give yourself a break from daily PWC's, constant water testing, stress and strain from the constant worry if your fish were going to live or die, etc., I decided to start a TOP TEN LIST.

I will edit this first post to make the LIST complete so now I need your suggestions for the:

TOP TEN LIST, as of July 1, 2006, for why you should Fishless Cycle:

10. A 99 cents bottle of Ammonia is much cheaper than losing ALL of your fish and the cost to replace them.[^](GoldLenny)

9. Gives you time to get parameters stable (ie. if you are going to have any PH swings they are going to be right from the start), and to find out how it all works without fish lives on the line (like if you have rocks, will they leech? That first month gives you a chance to find out without fish dying.[:O](Hailey)

8. Gives you time to really research stocking, and decide what you want. Most people decide on one stocking list and then find something else they like better, maybe even two or three times before settling on one.[:X](Hailey)

7. Can introduce a much higher bioload right from the start (starting your tank with, say, 10 fish instead of 3...makes it a lot more interesting.[](Hailey)

6. Because a month of time spent cycling is better than a month of money saving for more fish.[^](Krazy_Keeper) ...and you dont have to deal with constant ich in the begining.[:O](TrixR4Kids364)(TIE... lol...I'm running out of room.[^])

5. You won't have to worry about a bunch of overzealous PETA members setting up a picket line in front of your house and then throwing a bucket of rotting fish guts on you when you try to leave the house.[](GoldLenny)

4. Gives you time to make sure you didn't get any defective equipment (leaky tank, spazzy heater, etc).[B)](Hailey)

3. To give yourself a break from doing daily, twice daily or even every four hour PWC's (25% partial water changes) and the stress and strain from the constant worry if your fish were going to live or die from day to day.[xx(](GoldLenny)

2. Faster (much faster...a few weeks as opposed to a few months).[](Hailey)


1a. You get to play Mad Scientist! MUAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!![8D](CoolTow1, with amendment by GoldLenny.[}])

And since we now have a TIE for the Number One answer...

1b. Because you might just get a compliment and a "smiley with some tongue" [] from one of the Mermaids out here![](GoldLenny, thanks to Jillian_05[])

So post your suggested TOP TEN reasons in the comments section below and I'll combine them to complete the above list. If you have something better, please add to the thread and I may edit this list from time to time. I'll edit it every Saturday if new answers warrant going into the TOP TEN LIST.

And if you do not know what "Fishless Cycling" is, here is a good article: (may take a minute to load since this is an archived page)

And if you are stuck with "Cycling With Fish", here is a good article:

Here is the original link to a once VERY GOOD website, that has shut down for some reason. At least their articles are archived on the Internet Archive Wayback Machine (above link)

I know a common complaint is people not being able to find the 10% Ammonia Hydroxide (clear ammonia) at their local stores but I recently saw online that Ace Hardware sells their own brand for around $2.00 a quart. Here's their online link to buy it by the case... but the stores sell individual units.
Also read ALL of the articles on this page: and ask lots of questions here in the forum until you understand these beginner tips.

Also read this MONEY SAVING and FISH SAVING page of tips on Filter Maintenance and Cleaning -

Thanks and HAVE FUN with this one!

Lenny V. a/k/a GoldLenny

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