Monday, March 19, 2012

Salt - To Use Or Not To Use... That Is The Question!

Articles on the use of salt in FW aquariums & Osmoregulation:

(This is snipped with a couple of new links from my Disease - Illness posts) (GoldLenny) - Salt or NO Salt (GoldLenny) (Hailey) (GoldLenny) (GoldLenny) - The Great Salt Myth (GoldLenny) - To Salt or NOT to Salt (GoldLenny) - Salt in Freshwater (GoldLenny) - Saltwater Salinity & Specific Gravity (GoldLenny) - (Goldfish & Aquarium Board) forum thread on Calcium and the Osmoregulatory System. (GoldLenny) - LONG forum thread on Salt, Chloride and other minerals/chemicals related to Salt & Osmoregulation. (GoldLenny)


  1. Thank you so much Lenny. I read the first article which says never ever to add salt granules directly to the water. Which is what the dude told me to do, just poor it in. My fish follow me around the pond like a pack of dogs, so I would have been pouring it practically right on top of them. You're a life saver.

  2. You know, I should have also told you that IF he sold you some kind of so-called "pond salt" or "aquarium salt", it was probably WAY over priced.

    When using salt, you can simply use regular Plain Salt from your grocery store. The generic type is best as it will usually not have any additives (non caking
    additives) although TheSkepticalAquarist website debunks the concern about the additives in salt. The levels are so low that they do not pose a threat like some rumors on the net purport. Some people buy Kosher Salt from their grocery as "Kosher" will not have any additives. Canning/Pickling salt is another option.

    Also, any time you add something to your pond, it should probably be mixed with water first and then poured into the pond where a waterfall or other water flow is going into the pond so it gets dispersed better. As you noted, our fish follow us around begging so if you throw something in to the pond in heavy concentration, they may ingest it which could harm them in such a heavy concentration.


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